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Invest in your well-being and personal development to prove that women really can “do it all”

Partner with us to tackle lifestyle concerns and professional roadblocks in a way that will work for you

Simply put, wellness coaching empowers you to make sustainable changes that are critical for thriving at work and at home. Our services bridge the action-intention gap, helping you to successfully implement desired changes in your complex life.

A health coach partners with you to facilitate behavior change based on evidence-based clinical interventions; however, a health coach is not a therapist or a doctor, and is not licensed to give diagnoses or prescribe medications. You should think of a health coach as a complementary and important part of your wellness team to address your health holistically.

All Coaching Packages Include:

  • Collective Well-Being Assessment
  • Purpose Profile
  • MC Guide for Optimal Health
  • MC Goal Planner
  • In-App Support
  • Educational Resources

Make Your Well-Being a Priority

Individual Integrative Wellness Coaching

Discuss your personal, health, and professional goals with one of our highly-trained integrative health coaches.

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WELLthy Women’s Collective

Develop critical skills for prioritizing yourself and your health while living out your purpose — personal and/or professional.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we meet?

Online coaching is fantastic because it offers maximum flexibility, which is important when you’re already struggling with health issues! We meet virtually face-to-face via collaboration tools like Zoom, which can feel more personal and impactful, or there is always the option to simply talk on the phone.

How long do we work together?

Typically we work with clients for a minimum of 3 months, with an average of 6 months. This is because it usually takes a minimum of 3 months to make lasting behavior health changes and see progress in the health area of focus.

Our coaching specialties:

  • Pre-natal and postpartum health & wellness
  • Family health & wellness
  • Busy working women – finding balance in your health
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction


“By targeting what is most important in your life, integrative health coaching provides an opportunity to reduce overall stress, improve your quality of life and achieve the health goals that matter most to you.  It’s an investment in your own well-being!”

-Cheryl Hughes, MSW, LICSW, Georgetown University Hospital

“Working with Natalie as my health coach was a true joy. I was stuck in a rut with my health and she helped me focus on the right way to get back on track, listening to my ideas and guiding me on the best way to meet my goals of lowering my blood pressure and working out consistently with an action plan that worked best with my lifestyle and values. ” 

-Darril, Raleigh Business Owner

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