who we serve


  • Women who are on a healthy career trajectory, but who don’t feel personally healthy, whole or purpose-driven
  • Women on the verge of corporate burnout
  • Women who struggle with work-life integration


  • Companies that believe in the idea of “collective wellbeing,” where wellness and career development can be combined to create a more positive work environment and successful employees
  • Companies that want to offer a more engaging, personalized wellness experience for its employees

Our Mission

We enable women to reach higher levels of personal and professional performance through personalized coaching and evidence-based education that focuses on collective-wellbeing and fosters the community women need to thrive.

Our Vision

Mettacool’s vision is to see more women in leadership positions by offering companies and individuals sustainable, evidence-based services that enhance their collective well-being, clarify their purpose, and make work-life integration a reality.


Our Work

Our workshops, integrative wellness coaching, and signature programs equip women with a realistic set of skills for prioritizing well-being while climbing the corporate ladder.

Our Difference

We strategically focus on women and the idea of collective well-being, combining wellness and professional development to help women thrive.

meet our founders

We are Natalie and Molly, the founders of Mettacool. We are mindfulness mavens, health junkies, and real women on a mission to change the way women get ahead personally and professionally.

Molly Dewey

Molly Dewey

Co-Founder & CEO

Molly Dewey is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine. She is also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, fitness instructor, and talk show host.

It was while writing for a lifestyle website in New York City where Molly realized that what she loved to write about most was health and wellness, which led her to the Integrative Health Coaching program at Duke University. Health coaching then led her to holistic nutrition and mindfulness training, and that new path led to the genesis of Mettacool.

Molly has found her calling as a corporate wellness consultant — a role that allows her to bring together and utilize her many passions: connecting with others, empowering women, public speaking, writing, and traveling.

She and her husband live in Vail, CO, taking full advantage of the mountain lifestyle and using their environment to stay grounded and fulfilled amidst hectic careers. Follow her on Instagram @mollydewey.

Natalie Eicher

Natalie Eicher

Co-Founder & President

Natalie Eicher is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer with specializations in pre- and post-natal fitness.

Natalie’s passionate about helping people visualize and achieve their personal wellness goals, leading them to realize their purpose and potential and put it into action. She feels her own purpose is gathering, empowering, and equipping others in community, because a strong community of people who support each other can radically impact our health and happiness, our communities and our culture.

She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband and son, Anderson, and enjoys being active outdoors, stand-up paddle boarding, cooking, traveling, and spending time with family. Follow her on Instagram @nataliee_wellness.

our story

Hi! We are Natalie and Molly, the founders of Mettacool. We believe in a whole-person approach to wellness — that you shouldn’t have to trade your health for your promotion. We believe in throwing work/life balance out the window, opting instead for work-life integration, where all aspects of your world coalesce into one extraordinarily fulfilling existence. And we believe that with our help, you have the capacity to make that happen.

We met at Duke Integrative Medicine and became fast friends, bonding over our fierce passion for health and wellness and our desire to remain active in our corporate communities, even as our personal lives changed.

For years, we both witnessed men and women struggle to prioritize their health and personal development while climbing the corporate ladder — and women, in particular, have unique challenges that make it more difficult to achieve proper health while in leadership positions. Witnessing this pattern of behavior and outcomes over and over again, it became clear that managing health is integral to successful leadership in business.

After graduating, Molly approached Natalie with her vision for how integrative health coaching could impact the corporate world. Natalie’s ten years in technology sales proved trying for her own well-being, so she was passionate about helping others avoid the pitfalls of burnout and neglected health. From that first conversation, the idea for Mettacool was born.

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